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The CAF American Donor Fund: A Brief Overview
Learn about the dual-qualified Donor Advised Fund for dual US/UK taxpayer clients.
CAF American Donor Fund [CADF] is a dual-qualified charity, which means we are simultaneously both a UK and a US charity - all donations made to CADF qualify for the maximum tax relief in both jurisdictions.
Download this quick, complimentary guide that covers the following:
  • Since launching in 2000, we have generated over USD $1B in charitable giving through our organization
  • Donors make an irrevocable charitable gift to CAF, and we then facilitate your request charitable gifts to charities around the world.
  • UK Gift-Aid increases value of gifts to charity by 25%
  • In addition to cash and shares we can also accept gifts of: Artwork, Antiques, Carried interest, Interests in LLCs, and Property
The CAF American Donor Fund: A Brief Overview

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