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Should Your Clients be on a PEO? 4 Scenarios When They Should

Great accountants go beyond payroll & tax to offer advice on streamlining HR functions, compliance, and cost savings. PEOs can do all 3, but too few accountants know when they should recommend a PEO to clients.

Gain Access

For clients with 5-100 employees, PEOs can be a great option to bring down benefits costs and the time both you and your client need to spend on compliance and paperwork. Because most accountants aren't familiar with PEOs, they're failing to identify cost and time savings for their clients – especially clients that are newly remote.

Learn how PEOs can:

  • Unlock big company benefits at small group rates for your clients
  • Take paperwork off your plate, like registering SUI accounts for new remote workers
  • Shoulder the compliance burden like state labor law nuances for your clients
  • Help you earn additional revenue through employee benefits, without needing to become an insurance expert