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8 Ways to Re-Invent Yourself in a Crisis

How to Emerge From a Crisis With a More Durable, Valuable Company

Veterans refer to “the fog of war” to describe how difficult decision making can be when you’re on the battlefield with imperfect information.

Sometimes the obvious answer in retrospect is not so apparent when you’re in the throes of a crisis, which is why we wanted to share the stories of eight owners who took bold and decisive action at a time of deep economic uncertainty.

You’ll discover:

    • How to pick the parts of your accounting practice that are worth keeping (and what to get rid of right now)
    • How to leverage digital and virtual channels to expand your accounting services when your traditional business model is compromised
    • How to leverage social media groups to build your business at little or no cost as more people flock to social media to combat isolation
    • One surprising source of financing for your accounting firm now