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Better Not Bigger: The Rise of the Value Building Industry

Recently we released a new whitepaper putting our stake in the ground of an industry we’ve been leading for over 5 years, Value Building.

There was a time when being big was paramount. To become more valuable, you had to grow bigger. But, a new generation of accountants are emerging with a focus on something else - they aspire to build a more valuable firm - often at the expense of their size.

These accountants need help to achieve their vision and are looking for help from a Value Building Advisor -- who specializes in assisting firms in building value rather than revenue.

What you'll discover:

  • What is a Value Builder advisor and how can you become one?
  • Why Value Builder advisors can charge more than an accountant.
  • Why is this industry emerging now and about to take off?
  • Stories you can share with your prospects to get them over the line.