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How To Find Humble Clients

Why the most attractive segment in the business market may be overlooked by accountants.

As an experienced accountant, your advice can change the life of a business owner, but if they won’t listen, it’s irrelevant. Our research study reveals 10 secrets to finding coachable clients who will absorb – and pay for – your wisdom.

Get your copy of our research and discover:

  • The 10 secrets to finding coachable clients
  • The firmographic markers that increase the likelihood that an owner is coachable
  • Why some owners ignore outside advice and how to avoid them
  • The segment of the business owner market most likely to pay for external advice
  • The single biggest reason owners fail to act on the information they get from outside accounting advisors
  • What to say to attract the attention of the most coachable clients
  • How to get coachable clients to seek you out as their accountant